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Frequently Asked Questions

How many likes can you provide?

The maximum order that we processed was 30,000 likes on one fanpage in facebook.
When will my order start?

We have fully automated system so orders starts immediatly after your payment!
If there will be any problems or orders stucks at some point - contact us!
Can I customize my order?
Answer: Yes. If you have any special targeting requirements such as number of friends or age , contact us via email and we will help you!
Is this site safe and legal?

Yes, it is! We work in accordance with European legislation and have the officially registered company "Likesman s.r.o" which pays taxes according to Czech taxation.

Also all payments from our site to paypal are protected with "PayPal Buyer Protection" so in case of any problems you will get a refund.
Will you require my password or admin access?

No. We don't need any special access to your page or post.
But unfortunatally we are working only with public posts and pages.
Do you have special offers for marketing agencies?

Yes, of course! Send us an email on support@likesman.com